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The worldwide love for Rastafarian culture in Jamaica attracts millions of tourists to the island, but in these modern times the authentic Caribbean vibes can be enjoyed from across the globe without having to buy a plane ticket and travelling miles away. Transplanted Jamaican, DJ Ramone and his partner Clay have been displaying their well-honed “sound system” style of spinning since they moved to the Lake Tahoe area back in 2008. Dj Ramone learned his craft from popular Jamaican “selector” (as dj’s are called on the island) Freddie Krueger of the Killamanjaro sound system, or DJ crew.  He met the well-practiced selector Clay after he moved to California back in 2007, and they have molded their musical skills and entrepreneurial sense into a long-running and enjoyable partnership.  The Ambassador Musik crew have been running the Tahoe resort circuit ever since, not to mention providing opening and after-party musical flavor for such prominent reggae performers such as the Wailers, Eek-A-Mouse, Prezident Brown and many others. One of the many prominent locations the ambassador music team has played at is the Reggae Shack, a Sunday night radio program on KTHX in Reno. They have since expanded their musical grounds by exploring various genres and have even begun working on an Ambassador Musik clothing line which should start showing up around the Tahoe area very soon!

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